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I am Britta van Arman, Founder of Living Chi

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Home improvement for any need and mission.
What do you want to achieve with your home improvement plan?

I help homeowners to prepare their homes for selling by creating a good first (and lasting) impression. This is called HOME STAGING (or in Dutch it’s called ‘verkoopstyling’) and enhances the chances to attract many more viewers and therefore sell the house or apartment much faster and at better price (5-15% higher). Click here to learn more.

Certified House of KIKI-Home Stager

House of KIKI ®, Dutch market leader in home-staging, is known from various RTL-television programmes (‘Uitstel van Executie’ en ‘TV Makelaar’) and recognised by the largest Dutch realtor association NVM.

House of Kiki - Verkoopstylist

But I also help (re)DESIGNING homes and offices. This includes de-cluttering, furniture placement to optimise the space, developing colour schemes and proposals for fabrics and textures. A well designed home or work space is not only more beautiful, but also creates healthier and happier inhabitants with more success in life! 

HOW I do this?
I add my secret ingredient (Feng Shui) to create balanced spaces by using colours and materials which strengthen personalities and place furniture in the most beneficial spots for you, your partner and children. This creates more harmony and focus, better sleep and more success! A real home improvement with lots of benefits!

home staging by Living Chi


Home staging puts your home in the spotlight for a faster and better result when selling.


Find out which house suits you best before signing any contract.

interieur advies


My interior advice helps to transform your house into your home.

Your home is a reflection of yourself

Your home is a reflection of yourself and its appearance, layout and colours have a huge impact on our wellbeing and happiness; this is unfortunately widely unknown or underestimated! I want to help you, and many other people, to live and work in a more supportive and healthy environment  as I strongly believe that the effect spreads like a ripple in the water and creates more happy people in our surrounding.

If you are planning to improve your home settings, layout and atmosphere or prepare for fast and successful selling of your home… let me help you too!

Contact me to find a solution that suits you, your lifestyle and budget!

Home improvement eBook

Before I forget… I have a WELCOME GIFT for you!

In my e-book, filled with tips to optimise the layout of your home, I combined my knowledge so that you can learn how to…

  • choose the best location for your furniture

  • increase the energy of your home for a more balanced life

Following the guidelines allows to improve your home at NO COSTS, only by re-arranging your existing interior. With these simple adjustments I helped many clients to solve sleeping problems, increase focus and create more harmony, but applying the basics will also help preparing a house for selling! Subscribe in the footer below and you receive it within an hour!